28 April 2013

Denver, Spring Has Sprung This Sunday!

As I’ve said before, Sunday is my favorite day of the week. Now that I’ve finished school, this splendid day has gotten even better. The impending doom of Monday isn’t even there to taunt me- at least until I get a job… For me, Sundays consist of multiple cups of leisurely coffee, crossword puzzles, and CBS’s Sunday Morning. This Sunday morning was especially brilliant now that the Colorado’s snow has melted and signs of spring are in full swing. Last night, we wheeled out our patio umbrella and made burgers for our first outdoor dinner. This morning was just as nice, as I spent the later part of the morning in the garden. I dug out my favorite gardening hat from the depths of the closet (see the 2013 collection here) and planted a few Dianthuses around the garden.

Keeping the sun off my face with my packable San Diego Hat!

These were on sale for only 30 cents each!

Dianthus are annuals, meaning they re-bloom every year. 

The final product, happy Sunday!

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