13 April 2014

Dear Grandma,

Over a glass of red wine and spinach artichoke dip, my grandma wished me a happy twenty third birthday. "You know, I got married at twenty three" she said as her chip broke with the weight of the dip. It was her canny way of suggesting that it's time my father trade me for some goats. Of course I took her comment with a grain of salt, our worlds are drastically different, but I know I'm not the first twenty-something to feel relationship pressure.

Between our relationship diet of Cosmopolitan articles, Text-Roulette, Facebook, and Tinder, I'm not quite sure how anyone finds someone worthy of their family goats. As I watch my grandmother dig out the other half of her lost chip, I decided to let her comment roll off my back because our worlds are too far apart.

Instead, I've decided to give her some insight, insight into the modern dating world. The world that seems to prefer perfection over authenticity. The one that makes you drop your hand because your worried about sweaty palms. The world that relies on self help dating books and dumbing yourself down.

So grandma, modern dating goes a little something like this:

I just got your text, it's 9:05. I read it three times, wracking my brain for a witty response. 9:12 rolls around and I settle on something flirty. I press Send, letting my phone fall where it may. We all do it; we put on a little show for ourselves to prove that we are not attached to the person on the other end. While I wait for your response, I begin flipping through your Facebook photos. It isn't until I reach picture 310, that endearing photo of your awful hair cut from 2007, that you finally respond with a single word. Something to the effect of "ok" or "ya..."

Modern dating is like a staring contest. You see, we had a few beers at a bar that smelled like moldy carpets and tobacco. You laughed at my jokes and kissed me under a street lamp at the end of the night. The next day, you invited me to play tennis but when i went in for a kiss you pulled away. You text me something coy and I haven't a clue. Each of us are waiting for the other person to blink, or simply ask what's going on.

You tell your friends what happened with high hopes that they can crack the code. Instead, they tell you that you broke rule number 67 of 500,000; your not playing "Hard To Get."

So grandma, do you understand why I haven't been traded for goats? I have sweaty palms and I'm not afraid to admit that I think that I am smart. I dance off rhythm and sometimes, i'll admit I even fart. So grandma, until that person who loves me for every inch of me, I won't get married at twenty three.

12 April 2014

Denver Restaurant Review: Zengo

With the arrival of Spring, Zengo has introduced its seventh Test Kitchen series. Every few months Zengo and Chef Richard Sandoval work together to develop new Test Kitchen cocktails and plates that are influenced by flavors from Latin and Asian cuisines. Located on Riverfront park, Zengo blends Latin-Asian flavors to create a truly unique dining experience. (See full menu here

This month's Test Kitchen series features an array of dishes including: 
  • Mojo Grilled Pork Chop with Massaman Curry, Boniato Puree and avocado-tomato salad. 
  • Curry Bacalao-Shrimp Spring Rolls with potato and sweet chili mojo
  • The Daiquiri Kaffir is full of flavor with bacardi castillo, kaffir lime simple syrup and fresh lime juice
  • Chilled Lemongrass coconut soup for dessert - This includes water-chestnuts, mango, litchi and passion fruit granite
Both a guest and I were lucky enough to try a few items off of the Test Kitchen menu this past Tuesday night and were more than impressed by this ever evolving trendy hub.
Curry Bacalao-Shrimp Spring Rolls with potato and sweet chili mojo

Thai Style Snapper "Escabeche" with chili, onion, citrus, pineapple, and thai fish sauce
The featured cocktails included a Spicy Siam with Thai Chili and a Daiquiri Kaffir

For dessert we had the Modern Mexican Bar Peanut Nougat and salted Caramel ice cream

Chilled Lemongrass Coconut Soup with Water-Chestnuts and Mango

Zengo on Urbanspoon

09 April 2014

Florals: Brought To You By Blush & Kismet

The snow has melted and Spring has officially sprung. It's time to shed our winter coats in favor of our favorite warm weather trends!

With Spring in the air, I've teamed up with two popular Denver shops help us style a popular warm weather trend, florals. Both Casey Rosen of Blush and Shana Colbin Dunn of Kismet have put together some great tips as to how to wear florals this season...

Equipment: Reese With Contrast Collar (Bright White) $278.00 
Tips from Casey Rosen of Blush:

  • Add edginess: The key to wearing florals is to pair them with something that gives a bit of an edge. For example, wear a floral blouse with distressed denim, skinny white jeans or for a really edgy look, black leather pants.
  • Add modernity: Wear a floral print with modern or more geometric jewelry. That way the softness and sweetness of the floral pattern is balanced out with clean lines.
  • Use footwear with angles: Wear floral prints with pointy toe flats or heels. (This is the same idea as pairing with the modern/geometric jewelry.)
  • Use it casually: Florals don't have to be for formal looks; today's floral prints are terrific for wearing  casually. I have a pair of silk floral pants that I love with a basic tee shirt and a pair of flip flops!

Tips from Shana Colbin Dunn of Kismet:
  • Have no fear: some women shy away from wearing florals, but I say embrace them. Wearing florals is easier then people think!
  • Keep it simple: This is the key to looking fresh and new, versus dated. If you're going to wear either a big, bold floral print, or a small, soft floral print, you should always pair it with a solid color. From a great pair of jeans to a solid-color maxi dress.
  • Kick it up: Add flare to floral prints by pairing with metallic shoes, a bright bag and fun jewelry!

06 April 2014

The 4 Things I've learned About Men Via Tinder

As embarrassing as it is to admit, I'm slightly hooked on Tinder. It's not because I'm seeking out a one night fling, nor am I'm convinced that I'll meet Mr. Right. I'm hooked on Tinder because of the excitement that lies in the thrill of the game. Getting a match is an exhilarating confidence booster that hooks you on your first swipe. Your ego wonders just how many more will swipe right, and thus your addiction to Tinder begins...
Through this sick fixation of mine, I feel as though I've peeked inside the male mind. I've learned what men think women like, what men enjoy, and a few thing about men in general...

1. I've learned that catching a fish is a monumental male milestone. Whether you've caught yourself a 200 pound Marlin or a sickly baby carp, this defining moment of your manhood warrants a photo. I'll call you Ishmael or maybe Captain Ahab.

2. I've learned that men have great self esteem. A vast majority of you have at least one photo of your shirtless upper body. I'm pretty happy with what I've got, but there is no way a photo of me in a bikini will grace the likes of Tinder.  

3. Due to the mass amounts of photos of men waxing their cars, adjusting the sails, or modeling with their favorite vehicles, I'm led to believe that men love all modes of transportation.

4. I've learned that men use adventure and bravery to get right swipes. Wether your skydiving, bungee jumping, or doing backflips on skis, you've made sure to post a photo of your gallantry. Nothing says suitable suitor like the rush of adrenaline.     

02 April 2014

Accessorizing Your Festival Wear

As I think about the warmer seasons, I can't help but think about Music Festivals. Below are a few of my favorite festival wear accesories. If you're not quite sure what you style is, take this quiz here. I got Nouvau Bohemian. What did you get? 


31 March 2014

Black to Basics

My closet has seen it all all. Neutrals, patterns, prints, and bright colors. Due to work attire rules, black pieces have found a new home in my closet. It looks like its back to the basics for me. Here are a few pieces I'm loving.

1. 2. 3. 4.

30 March 2014

Colorado Sunny Season Activities

As the weather gets warmer, I've found myself thinking about all the things Denver has to offer throughout the spring and summer months. Just in case you need help planing your adventures, here is a list of things I'm most excited about below:

All images via Pinterest
-Rockies Home Opening Game- I'm not much of a baseball fan, but nothing says Spring like a cold beer and Coors Field. Don't miss the opening game as the Rockies square up against the Arizona Diamondbacks on April 4th.

-Farmers Markets - Denver's Farmer's Markets are full of fresh produce, local business, and great activities. Usually beginning in May, find a market closest to you.

-SnowBall Music Festival- Four stages with over 65 performers, ice sculptures, after parties and more. Sports Authority Field April 4 - 6.

-First Friday Art Walks: Walk the streets of Denver while appreciating all the art this city has to offer, every third Friday in multiple locations.

- Camping - Colorado has so many camping, backpacking, and hiking options to explore in the sunny seasons.

-Denver Chalk Art Festival - A two day street painting festival in the heart of Larimer Square is one of my favorite Denver activities. May 31 - June 1, walk the chalk museum streets.

-Telluride Bluegrass Festival - June 19 - 22 make your way up to the San Juan Mountains for camping, bluegrass, and fun. What better way to celebrate the summer solstice than in the high country of Colorado?

-Old South Pearl Street Concerts - BrewGrass June 14 and Blues and Brews on August 9th are two of my favorite Summer activities.

-Red Rocks Concerts- Nothing says Colorado like an outdoor concert. John Butler Trio, The Avett Brothers, Railroad Earth, Trampled by Turtles, and so much more.

-The Taste of Colorado - Celebrate the end of summer with a food and music festival in Civic Center Park, August 29 - September 1.

What are you most excited for?