05 December 2014

New Latin Flavors: Chef Richard Sandoval's New Cookbook

Sandoval Restaurants
Looking for the perfect holiday gift for your fellow foodie? Look no further than Chef Richard Sandoval's new cookbook, New Latin Flavors Hot Dishes, Cool Drinks. With over forty restaurants around the globe,  Sandoval has pulled together a variety of seasoned dishes to create a book that offers an exciting new vision of contemporary Latin cooking.
Although his renown destinations are scattered throughout the globe, Colorado is one of Sandoval's favorite places and home to five of his famous restaurants - Tamayo, Zengo, La Biblioteca, La Sandia Canita Northfield and La Sandia Canita Park Meadows. It's no wonder he chose his Denver restaurant and tequila library, La Biblioteca, to launch his new cookbook packed with over 125 flavorful dishes. I was lucky enough to go to the launch party where I met Sandoval himself, and tried a few bites from New Latin Flavors - Watermelon Margaritas, Venezuelan Corn Pancakes, Beef and Corn Anticucho, and Ham Croquettes. Sandoval says his food is "simple," giving the traditional recipes he grew up with, a modern twist of global flavor.  His recipes are meant to be adapted to each individual taste, to be used as guidelines for your own masterpiece.

Richard Sandoval Restaurants - Ham Croquettes
Chef Richard Sandoval signing my copy of New Latin Flavors
New Latin Flavors is available for purchase online as well as any of his five Colorado locations.
Buen Provecho!   

25 November 2014

Tamayo: New Fall Menu

Richard Sandoval's modern Mexican restaurant, Tamayo, has launched it's fall menu. With earthy flavors from Mexico and contemporary tastes, Tamayo's fall menu is rich with creative and comforting foods. Chef Richard Sandoval uses his native Mexico City roots in conjunction to culinary ideas from California and Dubai.  He mixes Asian flavors and Latin heat to create a one of a kind, worldly menu this fall.

Lunch Menu Highlights:
Crispy Crab Cake Salad - with butter lettuce, green apple, grapefruit, red radish and jalapeƱo mustard dressing
Chicken Mole Enchiladas - with shredded chicken, corn tortilla, mole poblano, cream fresca and cotija cheese
Crispy Tofu Tacos - with cilantro tortillas, romaine lettuce and shiitake vinaigrette 

Dinner Menu Highlights:
Pacific Shrimp Tamal - with poblano chile green pea puree, chile pulla salsa and tomatillo salad
Salad of Yucatan Octopus - with watercress, jicama, black olive caramel, cilantro pesto and herb dressing
Huitlacoche Stuffed Chicken Breast - with Mexican style ricotta cheese, yucca puree and green chile "atole"
Pork Carnitas & Achiote Tenderloin - with achiote-bacon lentils, fingerling potatoes and radish sprouts salad

Cocktail Menu Highlights:
Simply Bliss - with Monte Alban Reposado, Luxardo Cherry Liquor, White Wine and Orange Bitters
La Fleetwood - with Evan Williams Bourbon, Cynar, Simple Syrup and Angostura Bitters
The Mellon Fresco Martini - with Grey Goose Le Melon, house Made Sour Mix, Simple Syrup, Fresh Cantaloupe and Tajin Orange Zest
The Buena Vida - Tamayo's version of the classic Negroni cocktail with Fidencio Mexcal, Campari, and Sweet Vermouth. It's been aged in American white oak for 2-3 weeks.

14 October 2014

The Dating Chronicles Part Two: Mumbai, Dubai

Mumbai, Dubai 

I had been seeing this guy for a record breaking two months. He was tall with stormy blue eyes and honey blonde hair. Devilishly attractive yet painfully shy. Unlike me, he calculated every thought before speaking and only let his mouth run with tentative abandon after a few beers. No matter how hard I tried, I always found myself holding the talking stick. I swung it around as I spoke with gusto, while he sat there, silently judging my every word. Each encounter was a combination of quite frustration and sexy mystery that always left me confused.
One night, we met up for drinks after work. I made my way to the dive bar on South Broadway and found a seat at the back of the bar. After a few minutes, he sauntered in and ordered us some drinks. He had just moved out to Denver a few months ago and was surfing the wave of unemployment while calling his brother's couch home. We talked job opportunities and Craigslist roommates as we drained a few rounds of beer.
The beers chiseled away at his inhibition while my frustration melted away with my common sense. Devilishly attractive yet painfully shy took the stage with a confidence that's only found at the bottom of an empty cup. He held the talking stick with an appetite I rarely saw, talking about where he'd traveled and where he dreamed of going. Eventually his mouth ran dry, prompting him to ask me where I wanted to travel to next. I had just finished reading Behind the Beautiful Forevers, a non-fiction book about the slum of Mumbai, which led me to answer, India. While he fantasized about gondola rides and barrels of aged wine, I painted a picture wrought with economic disparity and slum lords. Given the opportunity, I'd travel almost anywhere in the world. It just so happened that India topped my list that particular night. I did not intend to sound "holier-than thou," but Devilishly Attractive Yet Painfully Shy interpreted my answer with blatant moral superiority.  He looked at me like I was a fraud. Here I was sitting across from him in heels and a new dress from Nordstrom talking about visiting India's slums. In hopes of revealing some twisted truth, he asked, "can you even name one city in India?" Without thinking, I confidently answered, "Dubai." He looked at me with those pretty blue eyes and said, "would you like to stick with that answer, sweetheart?" I nodded, unsure of my mistake. Before I had the chance to think about correcting myself, he shouted, "Mumbai! Dubai is part of the UAE... The United Arab Emirates" as if I didn't know such a place existed. Mortified by my mistake and insulted by the demeaning way he had corrected me, my embarrassment quickly turned to anger. Mumbai...Dubai...tomato....potato, it's a mistake anyone could have made after a few beers. As a woman who prides herself on intelligence, I decided to hail the waiter and close out our tab. I was embarrassed but more importantly, angry by the fact that he had made me feel so small.