06 July 2015

Small Plates & Bottomless Cocktails - Brunch at Tamayo

Tamayo has launched its new Bottomless Margarita Brunch menu just in time for summer. Enjoy the rooftop patio alongside bottomless, hand-crafted cocktails and an unlimited feast of Latin-inspired plates made to share. Tamayo's Modern-Mexican Brunch is available Saturday - Sunday, 10:30 am - 2:30 pm for $39.00 per person. The menu overflows with a variety of Soups & Salads, Tacos & Tortas, Starters, Cazuelas (traditional pots), Specials, and Brunch Plates that keep coming until you say, "when!" So if you are looking to venture away from the traditional brunch basics, and have a soft spot for sensual, Latin American flavors, Tamayo's Bottomless Brunch is your new weekend spot.

I couldn't resist starting out with a Bloody Mary, my absolute favorite drink. With flavors reminiscent of a zesty gazpacho, this BM officially made itself a home on my list of best Bloodies in Denver.

If you favor tequila over vodka, make sure to go for the Bloody Maria with its spicy rim of salt.

Nothing says summer more than the Grilled Watermelon Salad. It's a light and refreshing start to wet your pallet for the dishes ahead.

The Migas Nortenas is a recipe wrought with tradition. These savory, scrambled egg-drenched tortilla chips bring back childhood memories for Chef Oscar Padilla as this recipe comes straight out of his grandmother's kitchen. This dish is a definite "must order," my favorite of the day. 

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