23 April 2013

Things I Learned In College

 I am more like my mom and dad than I ever thought possible; I am abnormally clean and go to sleep abnormally early.

I am smart, some people just have to work harder than others but in the end hard work does pay off.

I have a truly amazing family; and that is surprisingly rare.

Home at Christmas and Thanksgiving time never smells and feels more perfect.

True friends are those that accept and love you for your faults.

After finding those kinds of friends, they become the family you chose for yourself

“Pre-gaming” with vodka shots is never a good idea

By senior year, the excitement of going to a frat party is replaced by the excitement of sharing an early 
night in with a friend and a bottle of wine.

Things are meant to happen for a reason; sometimes it just takes longer to discover that reason.

Being sick away from home is awful, the common’s soup pails in comparison to mom’s.

I love black coffee and hate Dubstep

Country music isn’t horrible.

I love Denver; water does taste different.

Be cautious in choosing whom you surround yourself with; it is human nature to be easily influenced.

True friends are a mirror we often neglect to see ourselves through; but it is through this mirror that the 
faults we hide from ourselves are often revealed. 

You can’t love yourself through the eyes of others; learning to love yourself through your own is quite the battle.

Lulu Lemon makes amazing yoga pants.

For many people, a slice of pizza is a snack?

Early mornings with a cup of coffee and NPR are my favorite part of the day.

Sit at the front of the class and actually do the readings, it’s interesting.

Looking at yourself in the mirror when you are drunk is never a good idea.

Own a lot of underwear and socks; laundry day only comes once a month.

In the long run, he did me a favor

The other one taught me a lesson

Gender inequality still exists

My drive and perfectionism are my best and worst qualities; crossing something off of my “To-Do” gives me a scary amount of pleasure.

Drinking a glass of water before bed after a night of drinking often divides the difference between feeling good and having a hangover.

Washing your clothes in the sink is never as good as the actual washing machine.

I don’t know how to spell.

Classy is much sexier than sexy.

Going abroad gives you a type of independence you can’t learn anywhere else.

Four years of college is neither too long or too short, it’s the perfect amount of time.

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