05 May 2013

A Day Well Spent

I spent my Saturday sucking up all that a Colorado spring day has to offer- spending most of the day outside. I started out the day at the first Cherry Creek farmer’s market of the season. I bought some delicious local cheeses, spicy chilies, and sweet rolls (the yummy chocolate croissants and the cinnamon rolls have been a family tradition). Later, I went to the outdoor antique market where we found so many treasures.  

I tasted different cheeses to find the perfect one for the grilled cheese and fig sandwiches I plan on making this week. See the recipe here

These artichokes were the size of my head!

These are the cinnamon rolls my family has always loved.

At the antique market, I talked to the woman who made these hand-painted tiles. 

I just recently bought two succulents for my room and now I have a growing obsession.

I couldn't help but fall for this lamp's charm, I ended up purchasing it at the end of the day.

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