06 June 2013

30 Facts

I haven't been keeping up with my 30-day writing challenge too religiously (I'm only on day six) but since I finally got around to it, I thought I would share.

Day 6: 30 Interesting Facts About ME

1.     My favorite day of the week is Sunday.
2.     Mornings are the best part of my day - nothing beats a cup of strong black coffee.
3.     I want to learn how to garden and know plants by name.
4.     My left cheek is decorated with a port-wine stain – a birthmark consisting of dilated capillaries under my the skin.
5.     It is my best friend and my greatest adversary. It knows all my secrets but broadcasts my internal tides; turning red when I am angry, pale when I am calm, and purple when I am cold.
6.     I rarely venture outside red hues when painting my toes.
7.     One of the only things I want out of life is the opportunity to travel.
8.     I am a synchronized swimmer (no I don’t wear a flowery swim cap or dive in sideways).
9.     Two things I hope to learn before I die is the art of relaxation and true self-love.
10. Peanut butter is my absolute favorite food.
11. I’ve seen a chicken run around with its head chopped off. (It’s not just a saying)
12.  I am a vegetarian.
13. I’ve rode in a hot air balloon.
14. Someday I want to sell a work of art – preferably my own.
15.  Nothing annoys me more than cell phones at the dinner table.
16. My photography has been featured in an Italian art gallery.
17.  I’ve hit a pedestrian with a car.
18. I don’t like watching T.V. or movies but I have my exceptions (The Bachelor).
19. I try to do the Kings crossword puzzle every morning, but I’ve only finished it once.
20. I’ve been on two private jets and the 7th largest private yacht in the world.
21. I’ve hitchhiked to a bus station. The man that picked me up didn’t speak English.
22. I’ve sat on the Friends couch in Central Perk.
23. I’ve literally ran into Hulk Hogan, it was like hitting a brick wall.
24. My grandparents live four houses away from me.
25. I wish there was a job that involved writing, travel, photography, art, culture, and design all wrapped into one splendid package. If you know of one, LET ME KNOW!
26. I am most thankful for my family.
27. I wish the world smelled like the Tommy Bahamas store.
28. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.
29. I can crook my left eyebrow and can’t whistle.
30. I’ve over come many struggles and have the perseverance to overcome many more.

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  1. Love it :) It is fun learning more about people all the time! Miss you <3