26 September 2013

Annie Oakley, Cheese Wiz, & My 1st NFL Game

Having been born into a long line of avid football fans, you can only imagine my family’s distain when I decided to hate football at five years old. Rather than watching Monday and Sunday night’s games with the family, I opted to scrub the toilets or pick my nose. As I got older, my views on football remained the same. So when I decided to attend my first NFL game the other night, I threw my family for a loop. What surprised them even more was the fact that I actually enjoyed it.
Here’s why:
1. I learned something new:
Although I still don’t understand much about football (like why a safety is both a guy and a play) I did, however, discover that I know more lyrics to Baby Got Back than I do the National Anthem.

Oh my god Becky....
2. People watching:
Going to sporting events is like visiting the zoo. I was more interested in watching American’s in their natural habitat than I was in the game itself.

3. Pretzels and cheese:
There are few times when salty carbs and cheese wiz can be viewed as an acceptable meal, but at football games anything goes.

4. Beer:
Not having a beer at a football game is like going to Disneyland and not riding the rides. I’m not much of a beer person, but a glass of cabernet doesn’t wash the cheese wiz down quite as well as a Coors.

5. More entertainment:
Although I was shocked to find that first down lines don’t actually exist in reality, viewing the game in real time is much better than watching it from home. There are cheerleaders, tumbling routines in the in-zone, fireworks, and a horse. When things got boring, I found myself day dreaming about becoming the “Bronco Princess;” riding around the field like a modern day Annie Oakley.

Way to go NFL you have yourself a new fan.
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