03 November 2013

The Men I'd Never Date

Dating in the real world can be a bit cumbersome. As twenty-somethings we are expected to launch our careers, establish some sort of financial stability, and somehow find a decent man. My sweet mother has grown increasingly concerned about my less than exciting love life and is more than bewildered by the fact that I don't have a long line of suitors waiting for me at my door. But unlike the stone-age era our parents grew up in, men no longer drag women off to their cave and call it a day. The 21st century dating scene is far more complex since women have a choice. My mother constantly reminds me not to be too picky, but my life is far from a fairy tale and I'm not about to kiss any frogs with the hopes that one will turn into a prince....

I'd Never Date The Man Who:

- Has ever been in or has ever considered being in a sex tape

- Spends more time in front of the mirror than I do

- Is a "gym rat" or sticks to any weird diet without allergy or moral purposes

- Has ever voted or wanted to vote for Michele Bachman, Rick Perry, Sarah Palin or any Republican       that you can think of.
- Wakes and bakes- I'm no fan of late night Taco Bell or breakfast pizza

- Equates World News with ESPN

- Is rude to waiters, orders for me, or tries to feed me

Cheers to being picky

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