15 May 2013

Gettin' Crafty

For those of you who know me, you know that I get bored quickly. I’m always doing something, never sitting still. Since I can only job search for so many hours of the day, I’ve become a “part-time crafter.” Below I've shared my latest creations...

"Back in Black"
My basement is full of childhood furniture pieces that are in dire need of some serious re-vamping. I’ve sanded down all the pieces and painted them black. 

I even added some stylish gold accents in the name of MacKenzie-Childs (her line found here.)

Gold Linings:
Old, seemingly useless pieces that you find around your house can always be turned into something beautiful with a little TLC. I took these small vases and turned them into great accent pieces by dipping them into some gold paint. The imperfect lines is what gives them character- the expensive version can be found here

Animalistic Tablescaping:
We've all heard of landscaping and manscaping but have you ever heard of tablescaping? Tablescaping is mindfully placing objects on display in shelves or on tables. I've always loved Jonathan Adler's vases and brass decor (see here) so I've decided to make my own by using my childhood animals. I painted a pair of elephants I got at the zoo, added some gold detailing and voilá my new bookends are born. 


  1. Love these ideas, Mallory! You're so creative and stylish.

  2. Love the black and gold combo you have going. Very sleek and modern.

    Beta <3 Behr