10 July 2013

A Post Graduate Girl's Guide to Los Angeles

The Hollywood sign!

 I spent the last week in sunny Los Angeles with my “California gurls” –aka my best friends from college. We spent the day’s outdoors, relaxing at the beach and hiking to the Hollywood sign, and the night’s exploring restaurants and bars. Although only recently graduated, I couldn’t help but notice how fast the college stage has flushed out of our systems. Our friendships have remained the same, picking up right where we had left off, but needless to say, the “real world” has obviously run its course. Instead of drinking “Natty Ice” or shots of Smirnoff vodka, we casually sipped on handcrafted drinks at Public School 612and Sassafras
It's an uphill battle to reach the top...
Public School is a quintessential LA hotspot that plays up a school time vibe. The menus are composition notebooks, and the napkins are reminiscent of lined paper. It is “education in the art of wine and beer.” Menu Here!
Sassafras is a speak-easy saloon located in central Hollywood that features ginger beer and barrel aged cocktails to fit the 1933 feel. I sipped on a cucumber mule and soaked up the essence of my favorite era. Menu Here

Instead of eating at cheap and predictable, we tried multiple LA restaurants like Terroni and Short Order. We also explored places like The Brentwood Country Mart, a shopping district full of trendy shops. My favorite shop was Roberta-Roller-Rabbit. (I’m dying to get some of their patterned sheets -check em' out here!). Also make sure to check out Sugar Paper. It's great for little gifts, wrapping, and home decor. For lunch I’d recommend Lemonade, a healthy lemonade stand with great lemonade.

Brentwood Country Market Botiques

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