02 July 2013

Advice For The All Too Adventurous Fashionista ...

Stuck in a fashion rut?
If you are anything like me than a) you like clothes and b) you frequently experience a love-hate relationship with your wardrobe. My closet is full of great basics and unique treasures, but once in a while I'll decide to try a new trend only to find that I'm unable to pull it off. I'm also a girl on a budget, which means I can't just purchase anything. I have to be selective and I tend to make the wrong decisions (exhibit a: the fur vest that has only seen life outside my closet twice.) Thankfully there is a solution to my fashion woes, and that is Common Threads. Common Threads is an upscale consignment store that carries only the best of the best. It's perfect for girls like me, who make frequent fashion faux pas. The boutiques in both Boulder and Denver accept names like Ella Moss, J. Brand, Marc Jacobs, Tory Burch, Splendid, and others of the sort. Wether you are looking to try a new trend for cheap, or you bought those tasseled boots in the heat of the moment, Common Threads is your savior. They offer a 50-50 split, which means that once your item sells, Common Threads gets 50% of the revenue and you get the remaining 50%. By consigning with them, you also get a certain percentage off your purchases. That means you can try that fur vest for much cheaper, and not feel so bad when you decide you're not edgy enough to pull it off.
Currently I'm on the lookout for some pointy ankle boots like these. Just like most of my purchases, I never know if I can pull them off until a trial run or two, but thankfully Common Threads will be there, just in case...

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  1. Girl, you are young and thin. You can pull off anything!!