23 August 2013

JR Hits The Mile High City

West Bank barrier work

Last week my friend, Abbie, introduced me to the street artist, JR, who travels around the world using cityscapes as his museum. Rather than appealing to the average museum goer, JR's controversial work bluntly confronts the public. In 2007, JR decorated the West Bank barrier, the wall that separates Israel and Palestine, with huge portraits of people from each region. JR was also presented with "a wish to change the world," a TED prize in which he created InsideOut, a participatory project that gives people the opportunity to have their picture taken in support of an idea. Although JR prefers to remain anonymous, it is obvious that he aims to raise questions that provoke change.

    28 Millimeters, Women Are Heroes Rido de Janerio 2008

JR is currently in Denver, decorating Civic Center Park, the History Colorado Center, the Federal Indoor Flea Market, and the Blair-Cladwell African American Research Library. Last night I checked out the work that remains in Civic Center Park, which contemplates the controversy surrounding immigration. His works are temporary so hurry down before it's officially gone...

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