16 August 2013

Pros & Cons to a Fall Without School...

My cousin was in town for the past two days before heading off to Madison, Wisconsin for her second year of college. This morning, she woke up 5:45am revving to leave for her 11:30am flight - needless to say, she was excited to return.
As I drove home from the airport, I started thinking about the pros and cons of not returning to school for the first time this fall.
I'll Miss..

The Mutual Closet: I lived with the same roommate and motto for all four years, “what is mine is yours.” Living with friends is like having access to Cher's closet from Clueless or living in a Forever 21, weather I was tired of my own clothes, throwing together some wild costume for a theme party, or didn't do my laundry, I never had to look much further than my best friend’s closet.

Sisterhood of the traveling dress 

Meals with Friends: Your computer screen or the walls of your cubicle are your “real world” lunch buddies, but in college you had the opportunity to eat every meal with your friends. Weather it was breakfast or lunch you could always guarantee an impromptu friend date at the dining hall.

Play Dates Made Easy: When you live within walking distance from all your best friends, you don’t have an excuse to be bored. Afternoon wine tasting, cuddling, day trips to the local pumpkin patch, Mindy Project marathons (p.s. it returns on Sept. 17th),  - these were college days at their finest.

Themed Parties: No party is complete without a theme – may my costume box forever RIP...

GI Joe's & Army Hoes - What I won't miss are the degrading party names...

Brunch: Whats not to miss about those weekend mornings in the dining hall. Scrambled eggs made from powder, waiting for you hangover to turn from bad to worse, finding a rogue nacho in your hair from last night's fourth meal, while you and your friends piece the stories together from last night.

 I Will NOT Miss...

·          Dubstep: The creator of dubstep (which sounds like digitized toads in a blender) should to be removed from the gene pool. My senior year apartment was strategically placed directly above a group of frat boys. They had an unhealthy obsession with dubstep and a base that shook our walls so much that it rattled our glasses out of our cabinets and shattered on the floor.

      TMI: Living with roommates, you are graced with the opportunity to intimately know the ins and outs of your best friends. However, there is such a thing as too much information. Living in close quarters exposes people’s strange grooming, eating, drinking, and, boisterous sexual habits…

      To-Do List: Wether you were watching the Bachelor or talking with friends, there was always that annoying voice reminding you that you could be doing something more productive with your time. There were always papers to write, articles to be read, and projects to be done.   


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  1. how is kelsie ok with the armpit picture?!?!? AHAH - kim