09 September 2013

6 Simple Rules To A Chic Coffee Table

1. Play with a variety of textures like smooth vs. sharp or silky vs. rough. 

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2. Create layers - whether your coffee table is tiered or not, staking items such as candles and magazines or flowers and books, work to create a dynamic range of space.

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3. Add color- whether you stick with a set color scheme or you use an array of complementing colors, adding a pop will brighten the room.

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4. Not everything on your coffee table has to have a purpose, add a decorative object for a touch of sophistication. (Check out Jonathan Adler's collection, it's my favorite)

Via Designsponge
5. Vary hight and size - just like texture, make sure to work with an assortment of volumes and masses for diversity.

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6. Bring it to life with some vegetation. Succulents are my favorite since they are the easiest plant to care for. 

Via: Absoloutlybeautifulthings

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  1. Enjoyed reading your blog for the first time, Miss Jenn and Long Hair sent me and I will be back for more!
    Liz (a new friend in Ohio)