13 September 2013

Guilty As Charged

We all have guilty pleasures; shopping indulgences, cheese wiz, naked dance parties, and Limp Bizket. Even the most rigid, hidebound, conventional people find satisfaction in embarrassing things. It’s these peculiar indulgences that give life its salt, so why deny ourselves?

1. The Bachelor and Bachelorette:

Although the show makes women out to be desperate, two-faced, psychos, I’ll be the first to admit that I tune in every Monday. I don’t watch it for the fairy tale ending because, after all, each season ends in disappointment. I watch it because of the same morbid curiosity that compels us to slowdown on the highway. I’m not proud of the fact that I find entertainment in fake tears, orange tans, and drunken drama, but just like a car wreck, it’s both captivating yet appalling. (Plus who doesn't love Chris Harrison?)

2. Thrift-Stores:

Just like Forest Gump says, “life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.” The same holds true for thrift shops; it’s all about the thrill of the find. I should have become a gold miner, pirate, or archaeologist because the sheer pleasure I get from finding a thrift shop gem is no different than the excitement they receive upon their discoveries. If I didn’t hold myself to social standards, I’d do a victory lap around the store every time I came across a thrift shop treasure.

3. Frank Sinatra:

 I’m aware that I am a twenty-two year old living amidst a generation of dub-step and techno, but as lame as it may be, Frank Sinatra is among my top five radio stations on Pandora. With a dab of Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra radio is my go-to cooking, morning coffee, and bath time station.

4. Stealing a Spritz of Perfume:

 I’ve never stolen a single thing in my life, but when it comes to free samples of perfume, I’ve taken more than my fair share. No matter what store I go into, I can’t help but steal a spritz or two of whatever scent they have on display. Jean Paul Gaultier, Kate Spade, and Chanel are among my usual faves, but I break out of my standard once in a while to try something new. It makes me feel fancy, the white glove, pinkie up, kind of fancy.   

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  1. You are such a creative writer and I miss you soooo much! I love every single one of these haha