24 October 2013

From Candy Swapping To Leg Avenue

Halloween is like Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s one of those holidays that take on a completely different meaning with age. When we were younger, Thanksgiving meant turkey dinners and pecan pies, while Christmas stood for toys. As we got older, we learned the truth about Santa and Thanksgiving became less about food and more about family. Rather than a single transition from believing to simply not believing, we tend to experience Halloween through a series of stages.

When we were younger Halloween was all about watching Hocus Pocus on Disney channel, dressing up as ninja turtles, and candy swap games. (I'd always make out like a bandit since no one ever wanted their Almond Joy's anyways...)

As we got older, the thrill of Halloween came from trips to haunted houses, corn mazes, and trick or treating without chaperones.

In high school, Halloween took a turn for the worst as we slipped on skimpy costumes for parties in friend's basements. (Leg Avenue ring a bell for anyone?)

Thankfully most of us learned that a "sexy mouse" isn't actually a thing and our bodies aren't quite the same as they were in high school.... 

In college, Halloween was just another reason to drink and costumes got a little more creative....

As a post graduate, I'm not quite sure what this stage of Halloween will hold, but I'm excited to see...

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