09 February 2014

Denver Restaurant Review: Beatrice and Woodsley

For my birthday dinner, I chose to try Beatrice and Woodsley

Nestled among Broadway hangout-outs, Beatrice and Woodsley brings Colorado's wilderness to the city. With elements of a rustic cabin and modern flare, Beatrice and Woodsley dishes out some of the best plates in Denver. The unexpected woodsy flavors and detailed atmosphere put this restaurant at the top of my list. 

(see menu here)

The wine came with tags in case you wanted to buy some of your own....

My mom and I split four small plates, the Pimento Cheese Cheesecake 

The Sweet Pea-Spinach Cakes with mushrooms and radish pickles.

The Crawfish Beignets filled with a spicy red pepper aioli - these were by far my favorite part of the night! 

Minus Meat Pastry with winter vegetables, walnuts, and dried fruit.

Both Albert and my dad went for the mushroom risotto with cranberry relish. 

No meal is complete without desert so we all shared Banana Cream 'Pie'

and the Black Velvet Cake.

Even the bathrooms were interesting....

The coolest part were the sinks, water came from the ceiling and fell from these metal chains.  

Needless to say, I loved it!

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