16 March 2014

My Life at A Glance

Reading: Nothing. I just finished The Girls Guide To Hunting and Fishing. I'm in need of some good suggestions...

Thinking: that I desperately need to clean my room. The majority of my closet is piled on my floor.

Dreaming: about packing my bags and traveling the world for the next few months.

image via a well traveled woman
Wishing: I had the money and someone crazy enough to do it with me.

Drinking: Coffee and a glass of orange juice

image via pinterest

Eating: Puffins Peanut butter cereal

Lusting: A leopard calf hair clutch - preferably this one

Needing: some food for thought.

Cooking: This week's menu includes crab ravioli a la Trader Joes and a Nicoise Salad

Appreciating: this healthy bod.

Listening to: Carla Bruni

image via elle.com

What does your life look like at a glance?

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