09 April 2014

Florals: Brought To You By Blush & Kismet

The snow has melted and Spring has officially sprung. It's time to shed our winter coats in favor of our favorite warm weather trends!

With Spring in the air, I've teamed up with two popular Denver shops help us style a popular warm weather trend, florals. Both Casey Rosen of Blush and Shana Colbin Dunn of Kismet have put together some great tips as to how to wear florals this season...

Equipment: Reese With Contrast Collar (Bright White) $278.00 
Tips from Casey Rosen of Blush:

  • Add edginess: The key to wearing florals is to pair them with something that gives a bit of an edge. For example, wear a floral blouse with distressed denim, skinny white jeans or for a really edgy look, black leather pants.
  • Add modernity: Wear a floral print with modern or more geometric jewelry. That way the softness and sweetness of the floral pattern is balanced out with clean lines.
  • Use footwear with angles: Wear floral prints with pointy toe flats or heels. (This is the same idea as pairing with the modern/geometric jewelry.)
  • Use it casually: Florals don't have to be for formal looks; today's floral prints are terrific for wearing  casually. I have a pair of silk floral pants that I love with a basic tee shirt and a pair of flip flops!

Tips from Shana Colbin Dunn of Kismet:
  • Have no fear: some women shy away from wearing florals, but I say embrace them. Wearing florals is easier then people think!
  • Keep it simple: This is the key to looking fresh and new, versus dated. If you're going to wear either a big, bold floral print, or a small, soft floral print, you should always pair it with a solid color. From a great pair of jeans to a solid-color maxi dress.
  • Kick it up: Add flare to floral prints by pairing with metallic shoes, a bright bag and fun jewelry!

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