06 April 2014

The 4 Things I've learned About Men Via Tinder

As embarrassing as it is to admit, I'm slightly hooked on Tinder. It's not because I'm seeking out a one night fling, nor am I'm convinced that I'll meet Mr. Right. I'm hooked on Tinder because of the excitement that lies in the thrill of the game. Getting a match is an exhilarating confidence booster that hooks you on your first swipe. Your ego wonders just how many more will swipe right, and thus your addiction to Tinder begins...
Through this sick fixation of mine, I feel as though I've peeked inside the male mind. I've learned what men think women like, what men enjoy, and a few thing about men in general...

1. I've learned that catching a fish is a monumental male milestone. Whether you've caught yourself a 200 pound Marlin or a sickly baby carp, this defining moment of your manhood warrants a photo. I'll call you Ishmael or maybe Captain Ahab.

2. I've learned that men have great self esteem. A vast majority of you have at least one photo of your shirtless upper body. I'm pretty happy with what I've got, but there is no way a photo of me in a bikini will grace the likes of Tinder.  

3. Due to the mass amounts of photos of men waxing their cars, adjusting the sails, or modeling with their favorite vehicles, I'm led to believe that men love all modes of transportation.

4. I've learned that men use adventure and bravery to get right swipes. Wether your skydiving, bungee jumping, or doing backflips on skis, you've made sure to post a photo of your gallantry. Nothing says suitable suitor like the rush of adrenaline.     

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