15 July 2014

Denver Restaurant Review: Lola

With food inspired by coastal regions of Mexico and a top rated tequila bar, Lola has remained a Denver favorite for close to a decade. Considering the onslaught of new restaurant districts and Denver's ever-changing tastes, remaining a a popular dining destination in this sink or swim climate says a lot about what Lola is whipping up. Having spent three years on South Pearl Street and an additional seven in the trendy LoHi neighborhood, it's obvious that Lola is doing something right.

Contrary to Lola's acclaim, I never had the chance to go until this past Thursday night. With such high expectations it's easy for popular restaurants like Lola to fall short, but Lola not only lived up to those standards but far surpassed them. With an extremely hospitable crew, quality flavors and coin-style margaritas, this Denver favorite found it's way into my top five restaurants in Denver.

We started out with some sweet, smokey salsa and cocktails. 

Jamey Fader, Lola's Executive Chef/Owner, suggested we try this sweet specialty drink as it was his grandmother's favorite. With fresh lime, cucumber, agave nectar, and a squeeze of orange, it's easy to see why this easy-sip drink is such a hit.

 Fader's fascination with authentic Mexican flavors spawned from having worked behind the scenes at various Denver restaurants like Jax Fish House. He partnered with Query in 2002 and began creating unique yet authentic cuisine, pulling inspiration from regions like Oaxaca, Yucatan peninsula, Baja, Veracruz and the Northern Pacific Coast. Drawing on Lola's tradition, new Chef Kevin Grossi, is rolling out some amazing items of his own.
It seems to be teamwork that makes Lola work so well. With an amazing General Manager, Patrick Kneese, runs the floor while letting Chef Kevin Grossi and Jamey Fader whip up wonderful things.

The table-side guacamole plays a large role in Lola's popularity. A rolling table full of ingredients is brought to your table where you help create your very own specialty guac. 

My favorite part of the night was the halibut and kale. There is something wonderful to be said about a seared piece of fish and perfectly cooked veggies. Lola's chefs stay within the flavor boundaries but add their own creative spin to each dish.

I couldn't have had a better night!

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