21 May 2013

Soothing Sage - A Cheap Room Makeover

I redecorated my room this past weekend, creating a more adult and calming atmosphere for cheap! I made cheap variations of things from my favorite designers. Re-decorating doesn't have to be expensive if you don't mind putting in a little work...

I found the shelving and most of the decorative trinkets at Good Will - all together it was under $8.00!
The frames had great lines, but were originally chipped and poorly painted so I sanded them down and painted them myself. I slipped in some photos I took myself and now they look good as new. I even added one of my elephants that I talked about here

I bought my bedding at Ikea for only $20 - It's highly reminiscent of the Anthropologie duvet I originally wanted but much less. (check it out here

Here is the lamp I found at the antique market, I just added a different shade. The frame and the candle holder were also re-vamped Good Will purchases! 

I found this old silver tray and made it into my vanity tray.

I found the chair on sale at World Market - it's my favorite piece in the room (besides the lamp of course).

Adding some greenery always adds some character- I love succulents! 

I made the cork-board and the lamp shade myself. I found the shade at Good Will and added a green trim to the top and bottom. 

Painting was a little messy, but well worth it!

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