30 August 2013

Why Being A Kid Was Awesome

We had no shame and truly enjoyed our food.

You could fall asleep anywhere and everywhere. 

Ignorance is bliss - calories didn't exist. 

The simple things in life brought us so much joy.

First day of school outfits had you feeling like a million bucks, if only I still had this much confidence. 

We were never Royals, but we could live that fantasy

There was no pressure to look good - mom and dad always said you were beautiful. 

There were some really great kids books - Louis Sachar's Sideways Stories from Wayside School was my all time fave.

We impatiently waited for the day we'd be "grown up," never realizing that being a kid is awesome. 

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  1. When I see your old twin bedspread, I immediately think of mean barbies and the time your mom threatened to send me home if you couldn't speak nicely to me.